Chris Evans is named the sexiest man of the year, and here’s what he himself thinks about it.

41-year-old Chris Evans, known for his role as Captain America, was named the sexiest man of 2022 according to People magazine! In an interview with the publication, the actor noted that this title was unexpected for him, but he definitely knows one person who will be delighted with this news – this is his mother.

“My mom will be so happy,” Chris said. “She is proud of everything I do, but this is what she really boasts about.”

But Evans’ friends, he said, are likely to treat his appointment with humor. “I think that this will be an occasion for bullying,” he admitted.

How does Chris himself feel about being considered sexy? He says that he is embarrassed to even discuss it, it is much more pleasant to talk about his career. The actor is now trying to prioritize a healthy work-life balance. And if you choose, then Evans would prefer to spend time with his family in Boston.

“I am too old to live on suitcases for six months. I’ve moved into a more enjoyable phase where I’m just happy being at home,” he said. He also added that he dreams of marriage and children, but for now he would not like to go into details when he decides to do so.

By the way, last year the sexiest man according to People was 52-year-old actor Paul Rudd.

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