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Many people experience fear. And they are all different. Where fears come from and how to deal with them, psychologists and experts from the Transition to TAK project Elena Reunova and Marina Tushevskaya explained to

Where does fear come from?

To get closer to your fear, because you need to know the enemy in person, try to understand at what point you experienced fear for the first time. Someone will say that they are afraid of insects, someone – thunderstorms, lack of money, lose their jobs, get sick and much more. Some fears accompany a person from childhood. Although at an early age, due to curiosity and fewer neural connections, children are rarely afraid of anything. It is easy to guess where the source of children’s fears lies. In adults, phobias, fears and fears are often caused by social manifestations. That is, imposed from outside.

Fears are rarely, in fact, exactly what you seem to be afraid of. However, to live constantly with fear is not the most pleasant experience, even if it is habitual and everyone lives like that. This is very energy intensive. You’re doing yourself a favor by adopting the reverse mindset. Fear is just a brain habit, and you, as a thinking person, can change it. The following tips will help you with this.

Tip 1. Name the fear

To begin with, you need to honestly define your fear for yourself, give it a name, speak it. For example: “I’m afraid of a mouse.” Now think about it – are you afraid of her? The mouse is just a small and completely harmless animal. Look deeper and more carefully, what are you really afraid of? Maybe you will say: “I am afraid that they will bite me, damage my body” or “I am afraid that the animal will infect me with something.” It turns out that it is not the mouse itself that instills fear in you, but what is hidden behind its image.

By the same analogy, any fear can be disassembled. As a result, insects will also reveal fear for their health: they will sting, infect, hurt. You can not get behind the wheel of a car – you may be afraid of an accident, injury or death.

Meanwhile, fear for health, fear of pain or death is absolutely normal. Imagine that you are standing on the roof of a 22-story building. It is the fear of death that will keep you from jumping and other possible stupidities. You understand that you are not a bird and cannot spread your wings in flight. Doing things that can lead to your death, regardless of the possible outcome, is madness.

Tip 2: Be honest

To get out of a state of fear, you need honesty with yourself. Any fear, be it a mouse, thunder, heights, or something else, can be overcome with sanity. If you are afraid that the mouse will bite and infect any infection – do not expose your fingers to it. If you are afraid of crocodiles, do not rest in the tropics. Afraid of heights – don’t go to the edge and don’t look down. Afraid of thunder and lightning – find shelter during a thunderstorm.

The mouse is a simple creature that runs around, gets its own food and avoids meeting the cat. She has her own way, her own business. She has absolutely no reason to rush at you and bite. At least she’s not a predator. If there was a lion, that’s another story. And by the way, consider that if a mouse meets you on its way, it will probably perceive you as a source of threat.

By painting situations that scare you, you are planning a scenario that does not suit you. Fearing a thunderstorm, you think that lightning might strike near you. And why did you even decide that this would happen to you? Just as you once knew that something bad and frightening could happen, you know what to do to avoid it. So why don’t you apply this knowledge at the moment when fear sets in?

Tip 3: Switch your brain

If today you cannot earn money and are afraid of poverty, then you can be stuck in this for years to come. Why do you sit and be afraid that you will not be able to live the way you want? It will only take away your precious time and energy. Fear paralyzes and deprives the ability to act. Therefore, it is necessary to convert it into a task. Write 15-20 possible ways to make money. When you do this, your mind will move from fear and uncertainty to understanding the options and solutions.

The ability to switch from inactivity to activity will open life before you in new colors. New experiences will be great. There will be no place for fears in them, but only a limitless space of possibilities. There you can fulfill all your most cherished dreams.

The ability to distract yourself from the bad, to switch any negative thoughts is one of the steps from which personality transformation begins.

When instead of the usual “Everything is lost!” you say, “OK, what to do with it?” – this will be the starting point of a new life.

The above tips work well and one at a time. But if you accept and start using all three in your life, you will very soon experience all the benefits of controlling your own consciousness. Life is beautiful, don’t let fear take it away from you!

Text: Elena Reunova and Marina Tushevskaya

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