Manicure 2022 (50 photos) – fashion trends and beautiful nail design ideas 2022

Photo: Christoph Hähnel, AdobeStock Manicure trends change from year to year, from season to season. They are influenced by everything: fashion, short-term trends, novelties among materials. Today we want to tell you about the manicure trends that will be relevant throughout 2022. We have collected the most interesting ideas so that you have plenty to … Read more

Office manicure 2020: 100 photos of fashion ideas and design novelties

Content: New Office Manicure 2020 foil manicure Manicure for short nails Gossamer gel design Manicure minimalism Marble manicure Girls want to look stylish and perfect in any situation, whether they are at home, on vacation, or at work. A stylish and effective office image is made up of many factors, but the main role in … Read more

Fashionable youth manicure: 100 photos of ideas and design novelties

Content: Gentle youth manicure Bright youth manicure Matte youth manicure 2020 Youth manicure with design Fashion trends in nail design are always of interest to fashionistas. Undoubtedly, in 2020, not only neutral, but also bright design will be relevant. It is more often chosen by young people, as they prefer to experiment with design and … Read more

New Year’s manicure for short nails 2022 (50 photos) – fashionable and beautiful ideas

Photo: devmarya, AdobeStock Do you prefer gentle romantic nudes, noble dark shades, bright extravagant designs or glitter and tinsel? It does not matter! You will find all these and many other options in our selection of the best New Year’s manicure ideas for short nails 2022! 1. Sheer Nude Glitter If you like laconic classics … Read more

Beige manicure with flowers: 100 photos of the best ideas and new designs

Content: Beige manicure with flowers 2020 French in beige with flowers Manicure with three-dimensional flowers Ideas for beige manicure with flowers Exquisite floral print does not lose its relevance over time, but only becomes more and more popular. Depending on the main coating, the effectiveness of the manicure will be completely different. Someone chooses a … Read more

Milk manicure 2021 (50 photos) – fashion trends and beautiful nail design ideas

Photo: Milk manicure is an alternative to beige nudes when you want something lighter and more airy. The coating looks very impressive and is worn much more practical than pure white. In addition, you can choose a shade to match your skin tone and nail plate. 1. Monochromatic milky manicure A beautiful milky color … Read more

Autumn manicure 2021 (50 photos) – fashion trends and beautiful nail design ideas

Photo: With the approach of the new season, I want fresh ideas and inspiration. Especially for this occasion, we have collected for you the best trends of autumn manicure 2021. Fashionable colors, designs and other unusual solutions – choose and experiment! 1. Blue autumn manicure As autumn approaches, dark deep colors return. For the … Read more

Matte nails – how to do at home (photo)

Matte nails: design in photo (2018) Velvety coverage in 2018 involves many variations. Combinations with gloss, various prints with glitter and patterns with rhinestones are in fashion. All options for French and moon manicure are very popular. A good solution would be a gradient manicure using 2-3 shades as in the photo. Matte nails: design … Read more

Manicure for short nails, winter 2021-2022 (50 photos) – fashionable and beautiful ideas

Photo: Darya Lavinskaya, AdobeStock The trends of the winter 2021-2022 are very controversial, but in all of them there is a common craving for simplicity and minimalism. And this is a great option when it comes to manicure for short nails. In this case, concise designs always look better! 1. Delicate nude for short nails … Read more

Wedding manicure 2020: 100 photos of new products and fashionable design ideas

Content: New wedding manicure 2020 White manicure with rhinestones gradient manicure Lace manicure wedding jacket Rubbing Manicure Bright manicure A wedding is a long-awaited event in the life of every girl. They prepare for the wedding celebration long before the cherished date: a dress, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and, of course, a manicure are selected. The … Read more