Дизайн кухни 9 кв.м. – 85 фото, красивые интерьеры кухонь, идеи ремонта

Фото: remontbp.com 9-метровую кухню смело можно отнести к помещениям средних размеров. Такая площадь позволяет расположить необходимую мебель, технику, внедрить множество стилевых решений. Сегодня мы рассмотрим лучшие идеи дизайна кухни 9 кв.м., которые помогут тебе создать красивую и функциональную обстановку! Объединение и перепланировка Рассмотри возможность увеличения площади кухни. Возможно, к ней примыкает лоджия или балкон – … Read more

Top 10 discoveries that were made in a dream

What kind of dreams do you usually have? I had rather vivid, phantasmagoric dreams, full of not only visual, but also taste and even tactile sensations. Alas, as it turned out, these are all childish pranks compared to what great people, the geniuses of our time, see in their dreams. What do great minds dream … Read more

Top 5 Foods to Help You Quit Smoking

Not being the most zealous follower of a healthy lifestyle, I cannot advise to give up alcohol completely or regularly run in the fresh air. Saturday gatherings with friends over a glass of wine and the frequent replacement of morning exercises with morning coffee deprive me of the right to talk about the dangers of … Read more

Top 10 most common nightmares and their meaning

Writer and TV presenter Diana Brandon has long been studying sleep. Over the years, she has deciphered the meaning of hundreds of them. “It seems to me that the subconscious is our faithful ally, which is trying to direct us on the right path and restore inner balance,” says Brandon. This article presents the 10 … Read more

Top 10 most famous curses

As with superstition, most curses can be attributed to simple bad luck or unfortunate circumstances. However, there are also such curses that are difficult to explain with something like this and one can only hope that you will never encounter them. 1. Curse of Tutankhamun Egyptian pyramids have always been credited with supernatural powers. Their … Read more

100 alternative and budget dating options

Today’s global consumer society persistently teaches us that a pleasant pastime is impossible without significant investment. Let’s try together to disprove this pseudo-axiom with the help of our 100 alternative and budget dating options. Category “Food” 1. Prepare your signature dish for your loved one (try to make it not just an omelette, but at … Read more

Top 8 most original bank robberies

It happens that in real life, bank robbers can be much more inventive and creative than their movie images. This is understandable, because they steal real money and prison terms for this, they are also threatened by no means cinematic ones! 1. Miracles of disguise Apparently, Aston Bart didn’t watch the movie Only Girls in … Read more

SHOCK! Waste cosmetics we use

It seems like you need a degree to read the labels on your beauty products. Therefore, we deciphered the name of some ingredients. When you read this list of the nasty substances that are most often used to make us beautiful, you will want to throw out all the cosmetics and switch to natural products. … Read more