English roast beef, Thai salad, French soup: preparing international dishes for March 8. BEAUTYHACK

Puzzling over what to cook on March 8? Why not experiment with the cuisines of the world on International Women’s Day? And you don’t need to invent anything, everything has already been done for us by Vasily Emelianenko – the most popular chef of Runet, gastronomic television star and author Book “Favorite Meals” By the … Read more

All about Ekadashi: is it really useful to starve according to the lunar calendar (we are dealing with an Indian doctor). BEAUTYHACK

You must have heard of Ekadashi. This is the name of fasting in Hinduism, when within a day after the new moon and full moon (usually twice a month), people completely refuse food. It is clear that Hindus put spiritual practice into this ritual, but in our country, not only yoga adherents, but also some … Read more

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Spring is a time of change. But what if you don’t know how to change something in your life for the better? Personal brand expert Alena Rezvanova is sure that even small steps can bring you closer to your dream, and gives five effective exercises for this. There are also several exercises that will help … Read more

Breakfast is served: three appetizer recipes from the most popular Russian chef. BEAUTYHACK

Vasily Emelianenko is the most popular chef on Runet with 3.2 million YouTube subscribers and over 450 million views of his videos. He – star of gastronomic TV shows, passed an internship in European restaurants that have from one to three Michelin stars, published the book “Favorite dishes”. And I’m ready to share recipes with … Read more

We disassembled the B vitamins into atoms: we get them from the right sources and combine them correctly. BEAUTYHACK

We wrote a lot about vitamins: that almost everyone has D deficiency and it’s pretty dangerous, oh how important a for immunity and reproductive system, why E is called “elixir of youth” and why it is necessary to follow norm K in organism. It’s time to talk about B vitamins. In fact, there are enough … Read more