Tested by the editors: ethical cosmetics from Sweden – suitable even for sensitive skin and does not harm the environment. BEAUTYHACK

T {“points”:[{“id”:22,”properties”:{“x”:0,”y”:0,”z”:0,”opacity”:1,”scaleX”:1,”scaleY”:1,”rotationX”:0,”rotationY”:0,”rotationZ”:0}},{“id”:24,”properties”:{“x”:44,”y”:1977,”z”:0,”opacity”:1,”scaleX”:1,”scaleY”:1,”rotationX”:0,”rotationY”:0,”rotationZ”:0}}],”steps”:[{“id”:23,”properties”:{“duration”:1577,”delay”:0,”bezier”:[],”ease”:”Power2.easeIn”,”automatic_duration”:false}}],”transform_origin”:{“x”:0.5,”y”:0.5}} Testing edition: ethical cosmetics from Sweden — fits even Sensitive skin And does not harm the environment {“points”:[{“id”:25,”properties”:{“x”:0,”y”:0,”z”:0,”opacity”:1,”scaleX”:1,”scaleY”:1,”rotationX”:0,”rotationY”:0,”rotationZ”:0}},{“id”:27,”properties”:{“x”:1,”y”:1944,”z”:0,”opacity”:1,”scaleX”:1,”scaleY”:1,”rotationX”:0,”rotationY”:0,”rotationZ”:0}}],”steps”:[{“id”:26,”properties”:{“duration”:1544,”delay”:0,”bezier”:[],”ease”:”Power2.easeIn”,”automatic_duration”:false}}],”transform_origin”:{“x”:0.5,”y”:0.5}} {“points”:[{“id”:19,”properties”:{“x”:0,”y”:0,”z”:0,”opacity”:1,”scaleX”:1,”scaleY”:1,”rotationX”:0,”rotationY”:0,”rotationZ”:10}},{“id”:21,”properties”:{“x”:-54,”y”:1376,”z”:0,”opacity”:1,”scaleX”:1,”scaleY”:1,”rotationX”:0,”rotationY”:0,”rotationZ”:10}}],”steps”:[{“id”:20,”properties”:{“duration”:1376,”delay”:0,”bezier”:[],”ease”:”Power2.easeIn”,”automatic_duration”:true}}],”transform_origin”:{“x”:0.5,”y”:0.5}} Not so long ago, a new Swedish beauty brand okolo appeared in the Golden Apple. He creates natural, ethical cosmetics on the principle of “made by nature, improved by science, expressed through art.” All … Read more

Add burgundy! A nail shade that will be in trend this spring (hailey bieber has already appreciated it). BEAUTYHACK

Get used to this dark purple color. Stylists promise that in the near future we will see him especially often. Hair, clothes, shoes, lipstick – everything will be in a shade that was named after the famous wine from Burgundy, in eastern France. Gdeep, rich, noble, with a huge number of undertones – it suits … Read more

Digest: the most interesting news of the week. BEAUTYHACK

New Ex Nihilo fragrance, DARLING* perfume, spring collections at HEARTBREAKER, LOVE REPUBLIC, 70s shoes at RESPECT, Organic Kitchen x Womanizer product collection and other news in the weekly selection of BeautyHack.ru. New California Hair & Face Brands – Contently and Tovegan Inspired by citrus, Contently’s “After All” series features a blend of orange, grapefruit and … Read more

To look younger and more cheerful: 5 simple procedures that will lift the corners of the eyes and lips. BEAUTYHACK

With age, the corners of the eyes and lips can droop, resulting in a frown and tired look. Beauty procedures will help solve this problem. Rosa Gerliani, dermatologist and cosmetologist at the Damas Medical Center for Innovative Medicine, told BeautyHack.ru about them. Botulinum therapy Botulinum Therapy (Botox) is one of the most popular treatments and … Read more

Top 5 hardware procedures for men. BEAUTYHACK

Now well-groomed and healthy skin, a presentable appearance excite men no less than women. There are many devices, working with which will positively affect both the health of a man and his appearance. Sipunova Diana Sergeevna, dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist, doctor of the Candela Excellence Clinic expert center, made up the top 5 hardware procedures that will … Read more