cannula or needle. Application in cosmetology, which is better, reviews

The choice of instrument for performing contour plastics affects the final result. The filler preparation is delivered by cannula or needle. To decide on a specific option, you need to figure out what the difference is.

Needle and cannula: important differences

Initially, cosmetologists performed filler injections using needles. They have a sharp tip, and therefore the danger of the method was the possibility of damaging large vessels, muscle tissue or deep layers of the skin. The procedures have unpleasant consequences: hematomas or swelling.

Unlike a needle, a cannula is a hollow tube with a blunt tip, where the hole is located on the side. Therefore, she cannot cut tissues, but only pushes them apart. The likelihood of bruising at the injection site of the filler is markedly reduced.

differences between cannulas and needles

The sharp tip of the needle can get into the vessel, intravenous ingestion of the cosmetic composition easily causes blockage. For high-risk skin, the use of medical cannulas is preferable.

Another important point is flexibility. The needles are hard, therefore, resting against an obstacle, they cut through it. The cannulas are flexible and can be passed over a longer distance without harming the surrounding tissue.

Needles and cannulas: advantages and disadvantages

Each method has pros and cons. The use of needles has the following positive aspects:

  • The procedure does not take long;
  • The drug hits exactly the right area;
  • Filler volume is easier to control;
  • A more precise method that allows you to get clear strokes and contours.

The disadvantages include possible injuries due to the sharp tip of the instrument and a significant risk of tissue damage or getting into the nerves and blood vessels during injection.

When carrying out contour plastics with cannulas, the advantages are as follows:

  • The risk of unpleasant consequences is reduced – hematomas or vascular occlusion, edema;
  • No pain during the session, anesthesia is minimal or may not be required;
  • Shorter rehabilitation period;
  • The number of punctures required to deliver the drug is an order of magnitude lower. To restore beauty to the whole face, seven points are enough to enter the filler;
  • It is allowed to correct areas where defects cannot be eliminated with needles: areas near the eyes and nose, on the temples, in the area of ​​the eyebrows, on the cheekbones and chin, etc. Cannulas can even be used for neck lifting and lifting on the arms.

Among the unpleasant moments, patients distinguish a long duration of sessions.

benefits of cannula contouring

The cost of procedures with cannulas may be higher, and they should be carried out by specialists with extensive experience and higher medical education.

Cannulas: types and features

For the introduction of cosmetic preparations, cannulas of different diameters can be used. Like needles, they screw into the tip of a syringe.

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