Books in the form of a diary are a new trend in self-help literature: 6 interesting options have been chosen.

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of new book releases on mental health. The latest trend is books in the form of diaries with practices and tips. They are recommended to be kept every day in order to track your emotional state and even in a difficult period to find moments of joy in life. together with Alpina Publisher chose the most interesting options.

An important point: all these books are made from eco-material that does not harm nature!

“Useful self-reflection”, Tanya Stepanenko

Publisher’s novelty from blogger and illustrator Tanya Stepanenko. The book contains tasks decorated with funny pictures, so it is a pleasure to complete them. Step by step, answering the author’s questions and choosing this or that illustration, you learn to cope with anxiety and stress, begin to better understand yourself, your desires and feelings. In general, maintain mental health in an easy and playful way.

“6 Minutes” Dominic Spenst

This diary book has been translated into 17 languages ​​and is considered a bestseller in many countries. The author suggests giving yourself 6 minutes a day – 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening – to write down thank you notes, as well as answer a few questions to help you develop positive thinking and good habits. The book also contains motivating quotes and explanations on how to live for the benefit of yourself and others. By the way, Dominic Spence knows a lot about this: after a serious accident, he spent several months in the hospital and only optimism helped him not to give up and quickly return to his usual life.

1000 reasons for happiness. Gratitude Diary, Varvara Vedeneeva

Entrepreneur and founder of, Varvara Vedeneeva, also came up with a diary to develop the habit of thinking optimistically and seeing opportunities in every new day. The peculiarity of her book is in a laconic design, so lovers of minimalism will definitely appreciate it. Every day, the author advises answering questions – what are you grateful for this day, to whom you are grateful, what things help you, etc. This practice will help you understand yourself and look at the world more optimistically.

Diary of Your Energy, Lyn Adams, Carolyn Emmers

This diary will help you find harmony in life and realize what is its source for you and what deprives you of strength. On each page there are beautiful illustrations, a questionnaire with questions, quotes from famous people and simple but effective tips and rituals from the authors. By spending no more than 10 minutes a day on books, you will learn to analyze everything that happens to you, better cope with difficulties and understand yourself.

The Book of Me, Karl Marshall, David Marshall

This book will help you write your autobiography or family history. Answer the questionnaire every day to remember the most important moments in your life and relive them. So you can really understand how many interesting events happened to you, and how they influenced you, what impressions they left. Then the book can be re-read and left to the next generation.

“Diary of impressions for 5 years”

Each page of this diary is one calendar day, and in total they are compiled for five years. The authors suggest filling out the book from any date, noting their ideas, thoughts, achievements. Then it is always interesting to return to some day and live it again, remembering the brightest moments of life.

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