Blow-drying brows and moisturizing skin with olive oil – which is unusual in Chloe Grace Moretz’s routine.

25-year-old Chloe Grace Moretz recorded an interesting video for American Vogue. In it, the actress showed her morning routine and the main makeup beauty hacks. By the way, in interviews and social networks, the celebrity said that she had dry skin, prone to rashes, but she found the best care that helps her look good. Perhaps her advice will help all girls with a similar problem.

First step: olive oil

Chloe noted that natural remedies help her in the fight against rashes: for example, olive oil.

“Olive oil is the first product I used on my face to get rid of acne. And surprisingly, the rash went away after three to four months,” she shared.

The actress applies oil to her face along the massage lines, and then wipes off the remnants of it with a disposable biodegradable napkin.

Second step: rice powder for cleansing

To cleanse her face, Chloe also uses the most natural product – Ricebran Face Wash / Polish from a Japanese brand. Komenuka.

Third Step: Serums and Essence

For moisturizing, the actress chooses two serums at once: first she applies Organic Grapefruit Stellar Renewal Face Serum, Living Libationsand then Wildcrafted Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum, Living Libations.

And in order to receive compliments that her skin glows, Chloe uses Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II.

Fourth step: Quartz roller massage

After the celebrity does a massage with a quartz roller to disperse the lymph.

Fifth step: creams for the skin around the eyes

In addition to two serums, the actress uses two creams for the skin around the eyes: the first one with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid Dream Eye Cream, Youth To The Peoplethe second – with caffeine Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, 100% Pure.

Sixth step: face creams

To moisturize and nourish her face, Chloe applies The Method: Nourish cream for normal to combination skin, Lancer, and after – Skin Food, Weleda. The actress also does not forget about sunscreen, her favorite – Sun Drops SPF 50, Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Seventh step: makeup

And finally, Chloe proceeds to make-up. To do this, she uses a primer for the face and for the eyes. milk makeup, powder Danessa Myricks Beauty, bronzing balm merit, concealer Clé de Peau Beauteliquid blush Iliaeye shadow and eyelash curler Charlotte TilburyGreat Lash Mascara, MaybellineLip Repair Lip Balm, Aquaphormake-up setting spray milk makeup.

Beauty hack for perfect eyebrows

And the most important thing in makeup is eyebrows. Chloe has her own beauty hack: she puts hair styling gel on her eyebrows Ultra Glued, Got2bthen comb them up with an applicator Anastasia Beverly Hillsblow dry for a few seconds, and then highlight the shade with a pencil Anastasia Beverly Hills. It turns out the effect of eyebrow lamination, as if you had just left the salon.

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