“Better to spend money on a water filter than to treat dry skin at a beautician”: Cindy Crawford’s secrets that prolong her youth. BEAUTYHACK

The 57-year-old superstar often shows herself without filters and makeup on social networks. And because of this, she often receives questions like “How? How do you manage to look like that?!”

“Today I have some time, so I want to tell you what I have been doing for myself for many years in a row,” the supermodel addressed the subscribers. – Of course, I use procedures, different products, but everything is so individual that I will not advise anything. This should be done by your beautician. However, there is an important part of the public routine that helps maintain the result and makes me happy.”

1. Charging for the face and neck

Cindy learned about these exercises when she turned 20. Then she was actively interested in yoga, read the recommendations of adherents. And I found out that good turgor is also a “sport” for muscles.

2. Good home water filters

Crawford admitted that she often reads advice on the importance of washing with mineral or rain water. But she does it easier: she takes a shower or bath with water purified by powerful filters.

“If there is a lot of chlorine or impurities in your water, sooner or later it will affect your skin. It is better to spend money on a good filter than to treat irritation and dryness with a beautician later, ”she is sure.

Cindy herself regularly changes the filters at home for more powerful and modern ones. And considers it an excellent investment in health and beauty.

3. Avocado oil after shower

After bath procedures, Cindy is in no hurry to dry herself with a towel. While she combs her hair, applies balm or thermal protection to the strands, drops of water slowly evaporate or drain from the body. Then the star rubs avocado oil into the body. So, in her opinion, the skin receives more moisture.

4. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

This does not leave creases on the face and neck, does not provoke the appearance of wrinkles, does not electrify the hair. This advice Crawford received from Dr. Jean-Louis Seb, Madonna’s personal beautician, Monica Belucci, Naomi Campbell and Uma Thurman. And, according to her, this greatly changed her life for the better: in the morning, Cindy wakes up fresher, without stripes on her cheeks and swelling.

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