Before glory: our stars in archival photos of the 80s and 90s


Photos from the star archives are like a whiff of the past. The footage, capturing moments of bygone years, helps us to plunge into the atmosphere of the 80s and 90s again. Today we have prepared another collection of rare pictures from the past to see what our current celebrities were then.

Yuri Galtsev

yuri galtsev photo

Young father Yuri Galtsev with his son Misha. The photo was taken in the early 80s, and the humorous artist is simply unrecognizable! By the way, have you noticed how cyclical fashion is? Now such jumpers with a “pigtail” ornament are again at the peak of popularity.

Group “Women’s Council”

women's council photo

The Women’s Council group appeared in 1989, however, it did not last long. But two of the three participants – Lada Dance (left) and Svetlana Lazareva (right) – achieved popularity on the stage of the 90s.

Larisa Dolina

Larisa Dolina photo

But Larisa Alexandrovna, it seems, has always been, is and will be. When this photo was taken, it is not difficult to guess: such a killer makeup and “chemistry” hairstyle were in vogue in the unforgettable 90s. Remember?

Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov

sergey lazarev photo

The end of the 90s – the beginning of the 2000s, and two pretty boys from the Fidget team are preparing to create their own group. Duet “Smash!” broke a lot of girlish hearts, and its participants quite safely got to the present day, however, already one by one.

Group “Demo”

sasha zvereva photo

Having now looked into the social networks of blogger Sasha Zvereva and found there mantras, a raw food diet, home births, female energies and other fashionable obscurantism, it’s somehow hard to believe that at the beginning of the 2000s she was such a daring lighter and sang in the Demo group.

Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Volochkova photo

But once she really was a ballerina, and her splits were exclusively “on business.” Shot from the rehearsal of the ballet “Carmen Suite”, 1996. Dancing with Dzhigurda, a toilet under the Christmas tree and an endless series of “Olegs” are yet to come.

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