Beef Chops – 15 Simple and Delicious Recipes

15 recipes for simple and incredibly tasty beef chops

From a small piece of beef tenderloin, you can cook a whole mountain of juicy, appetizing and literally melting chops in your mouth. We have compiled a selection of the most delicious recipes!

1. Beef Chops – Classic Recipe

Beef Chops - Classic Recipe

To thinly slice beef, put it in the freezer for half an hour, then you will get the perfect pieces for chops.

You will need: 700 g beef tenderloin, 2 tbsp. l. a mixture of salt, sugar and ground pepper, 2 eggs, 3 tbsp. l. flour.

Cooking: Cut the tenderloin into slices, about 8 mm thick, beat with a hammer, sprinkle on all sides with a mixture of sugar, salt and pepper. Roll in flour, dip in beaten egg, roll in flour again and fry in oil.

2. Milanese beef chops

Milanese beef chops - recipes

For this dish, choose young and fresh beef, then the chops will turn out tender and tasty.

You will need: 0.5 kg of beef on the bone, 2 eggs, 0.5 cups of flour, 0.5 cups of breadcrumbs, 3 tbsp. l. butter, 5 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, salt.

Cooking: Beat thin slices of beef, roll in flour with spices, dip in beaten eggs, then roll in breadcrumbs. Fry in a hot mixture of butter and vegetable oils.

3. Beef Chops with Cheese

Beef chops with cheese - recipes

Prepare chops, bake them with tomatoes and cheese. A luxurious meat treat for the festive table is ready!

You will need: 600 g beef cue ball, 3 cloves of garlic, 120 g cheese, 1-2 tomatoes, 5 tbsp. l. mayonnaise, dill and spices.

Cooking: Beat thin slices of beef well, fry in oil and put in a baking dish. Mix finely chopped tomatoes and garlic with chopped herbs, mayonnaise, spices and grated cheese. Spread over the chops, bake in the oven.

4. Beef Chops with Soy Sauce and Onions

Beef Chops with Soy Sauce and Onions - recipes

Beef chops soaked in soy sauce and onion juice become incredibly tender and juicy.

You will need: 1 kg beef tenderloin, 2 eggs, 3-4 tbsp. l. soy sauce, 2 onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 5 tbsp. l. sifted flour, 1 tbsp. l. a mixture of dry adjika and salt, 2 tbsp. l. mustard, breadcrumbs.

Cooking: Cut slightly frozen beef into thin slices, rub with spices and beat. Cover with mustard and refrigerate. Mix grated onion with dry mustard and salt, egg and flour. Dip the meat in onion batter and roll in breadcrumbs, fry until golden brown.

5. Schnelclops beef chops

Schnelklops beef chops - recipes

In German cuisine, quick beef chops in a fragrant sour cream sauce are called Schnelklops.

You will need: 0.5 kg of beef, 1 onion, 120 ml of sour cream, 60 ml of cream, 4 tbsp. l. flour, parsley

Cooking: Beat thin slices of beef with a hammer, sprinkle with spices and immediately bread in flour. Fry in vegetable oil. Separately, save the onion, put the chops into it, pour in a little water and simmer for 25 minutes under the lid. Pour the chops with a mixture of sour cream and cream, cook for another 20 minutes. Sprinkle with herbs.

6. Beef Chops “Juicy”

Beef chops

The thick batter shell prevents the meat from becoming dry, so the chops according to this recipe are especially juicy!

You will need:
For chops: 0.5 kg of beef shoulder, 3.5 cups of sifted flour. 0.5 cup cornstarch, 1 tbsp. l. dried onion and garlic, 2 tsp. baking powder, 4 eggs, 0.25 cups of milk, spices.
For gravy: 1.5 cups milk, 3 tbsp. l. sifted flour, 3 tbsp. l. butter, 1.5 cups of broth, spices.

Cooking: Mix flour, starch, baking powder and spices in a bowl, pour a third into a plate, mix the rest of the mixture with milk. Whisk the eggs in a separate bowl. Cut the beef shoulder into 4-5 parts, make shallow cuts on each, beat with a hammer. Roll in a dry flour mixture, dip in an egg and in a milk-flour batter, put in the refrigerator for several hours. Roll again in a mixture of milk and flour, fry in oil and bring to readiness in the oven.

7. Semolina Breaded Beef Chops

Semolina Breaded Beef Chops - Recipes

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, beef chops will please even the most sophisticated gourmets.

You will need: 0.5 kg beef pulp, 100 g semolina, 1 tbsp. l. dried herbs, 2 eggs, spices.

Cooking: Bread thin strips of beef in a mixture of semolina and spices, beat with a hammer and roll again in breadcrumbs. Dip in beaten eggs, fry in oil until tender.

8. Beef Chops in Wine

Beef chops in wine - recipes

Adding wine during the cooking process will make the meat surprisingly tender.

You will need: 500 g of beef (loin on the bone), 60 ml of dry red wine, 2 sweet bell peppers, 4 onions, seasonings.

Cooking: Beat the beef loin with a wooden mallet, rub with spices on all sides, roll in flour, fry in oil. Separately, fry the onion and pepper, cut into half rings, transfer to a pan with meat, pour wine, simmer for about an hour under the lid.

9. Beef Chops with Chimichurri Sauce

Beef Chops with Chimichurri Sauce - Recipes

One of the most popular meat dishes in Latin America.

You will need:
For chops: 1 kg beef, 400 g breadcrumbs.
For marinade: 2 eggs, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 sprigs of thyme, 3 tbsp. l. olive oil, 1 tbsp. l. vinegar.
For the chimichurri sauce: 100 ml olive oil, 4 tbsp. l. wine red vinegar, 1 onion, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 sweet bell pepper, 1 chili pepper, 1 bunch of dill, cilantro and parsley, 100 g of pitted green olives.

Cooking: Mix the ingredients for the marinade, fill the beef plates for 10-12 hours. For the chimichurri sauce, finely chop vegetables, olives and herbs, grind with a blender with salt, vinegar and oil. Roll the pieces of meat in breadcrumbs, roll out with a rolling pin several times on both sides, fry in oil. Serve the chops hot with plenty of sauce.

10. Beef Chops with Beer Sauce

Beef Chops with Beer Sauce - Recipes

A Chinese dish with ketchup and light beer sauce – very tasty!

You will need: 1 kg beef steak, 2 cups light beer, 8 tbsp. l. ketchup, 4 tbsp. l. brown sugar, 2 tsp. granulated garlic, 6 tbsp. l. olive oil, salt and pepper.

Cooking: Beat off pieces of meat, rub with pepper and salt, fry in oil. Mix ketchup, beer, garlic, sugar, salt and pepper, pour over the fried chops, simmer for 40 minutes under the lid.

11. Beef Chops with Vegetables

Beef chops with vegetables - recipes

These are not just chops, but an independent full-fledged dish for lunch or dinner.

You will need: 1 kg of beef, 0.5 kg of mushrooms, 10 potatoes, 3 onions, 2 carrots, 5 tomatoes, 120 ml of vegetable oil, 4 eggs, 0.5 l of milk, 200 g of cheese, 2 tsp. sea ​​salt and spices.

Cooking: Lay the food in layers in a baking dish, sprinkling with spices and salt. Potatoes, cut into thin slices, slices of mushrooms, slices of carrots, slices of beef beaten with a hammer. Next, lay out half rings of onions and circles of tomatoes. Pour eggs beaten with milk, sprinkle with butter, bake in the oven, sprinkle with grated cheese 10 minutes before readiness.

12. “Fake” beef chops


Thin tortillas of ground beef in a crispy corn flake breading are very similar to real chops.

You will need: 600 g ground beef, 100 g lard, 120 g unsweetened corn flakes, 2 eggs, a couple of tablespoons of flour, 1.3 tsp. salt, 0.5 tsp. curry and ground pepper.

Cooking: Mix the ground beef and lard with spices, beat the minced meat well. Grind corn flakes into large crumbs, breaded minced meat cakes, roll in flour and dip in beaten eggs. Bread the blanks again in corn crumbs, fry in oil.

13. Cherry marinated beef chops

Marinated beef chops with cherries - recipes

Very tasty and spicy dish of meat and pickled cherries.

You will need: 500 g thinly sliced ​​beef tenderloin, 1 can of pickled cherries, 5 tbsp. l. tomato sauce, hot pepper.

Cooking: Beat the slices of beef, spread with sauce and sprinkle with salt. Fry in oil, fold into a mold, pour marinade from a jar of cherries. Bake in the oven until the moisture has evaporated. Serve with blender-ground pitted cherries and hot pepper sauce.

14. Beef Chops with Prunes

Beef chops with prunes - recipes

A luxurious meat dish for the festive table – chops with mushrooms, nuts and prunes will give guests a real culinary delight.

You will need: 1 kg beef tenderloin, 330 g pitted prunes, 400 g champignons, 2 onions, 100 walnuts, 280 g hard cheese, 6 tbsp. l. mayonnaise.

Cooking: Finely chop the meat, rub with spices and beat off, fry in oil, transfer to a heat-resistant form. Put chopped prunes with nuts on beef cue balls, the next layer is fried mushrooms with onions, fields with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese. Bake in the oven.

15. Grilled beef chops

Grilled beef chops - recipes

On the grill, you can quicklyand just cook delicious beef chops.

You will need:
For chops: 800 g beef, 3 tbsp. l. seasonings for grilled meat, 0.5 l of kefir, 2 tsp. soy sauce.
For salad: 4 boiled eggs, 1 bunch of green onions, 150 g radishes, 3 tbsp. l. sour cream.

Cooking: Cut and beat the meat, rub with spices, pour kefir and soy sauce, marinate in the refrigerator for several hours. Grill on the grill until done. Finely chop the salad ingredients, season with sour cream and spices. For each chop, put a couple of spoons of lettuce, place on a dish and serve.

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