Beauty routine of figure skater Adelina Sotnikova. BEAUTYHACK

Olympic champion Sochi 2014 Adelina Sotnikova told her secret to the perfect evening face treatment.

Evening care is always important, whether it’s after a workout, when there is little to no makeup on the face, or after the event and the “smoky eyes” look. I’ll tell you about my beauty routine, without which not a single evening can do.

1. The very first and most important thing is to wash off makeup or makeup residues with micellar water. Most often I use the Levrana (~270r). The advantage of this water is that it is from a natural composition, does not pinch the skin, and it can also be found in pharmacies or other convenient platforms. Chamomile extract perfectly soothes the face.

2.Next Sammy Beauty Facial Toner (~1100r). The texture of the tonic is liquid, so I use a cotton pad to apply it. It removes make-up residues from the skin well, especially at the border with the hair, and after use there is no stickiness left.

3.Facial Foam Sammy Beauty (~1200r). I also use this brand. I really like that the foam bottle with a special brush, which is convenient to massage the face when washing, cleansing dead skin particles.

4.La Sultane de Saba Soap soft Authentic Black Soap Eucalyptus (from 4462 rub )

Soap that I use for both face and body. It comes in a glass jar so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. I apply it on my face as a mask for 5 minutes. It cleanses the skin very well.

5 times per week. Mask Garnier skin naturals. Clean skin asset (from 499r). Who among us is not familiar with the mask from Garnier! It seems like everyone knows about it. I use this product once a week for blackheads. It helps me a lot!

6.Facial scrub Sammy beauty (1690r). A very delicate product in my opinion. The composition includes walnut micro-granules, which are well processed and do not scratch the skin. The scrub also has a very pleasant floral scent. I use it 2 times a week.

7.Maskoholic face mask (~595p). The face should always be moisturized, especially in the climate we live in. That is why I apply this mask 1 or 2 times a week.

8.Cream Bureau Plus (from 179r). I use this cream every day. It protects the skin from all influences, and also perfectly moisturizes. The skin is soft, supple and healthy.

9.d’Alba multifunctional spray serum (~4884r). This product has always helped me. I use it both in the evening and in the morning. A few sprays and the face seems to be breathing again. Can be used before, after and during makeup.

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