Beauty mistakes that hinder career growth

In the modern world, trends appear almost every day, but the desire to keep up with fashion in everything can harm your career growth. Some of the most common beauty mistakes that can become a barrier to a career are bright makeup, piercings and a strong tan.

Provocatively bright make-up

War paint will not help you achieve your goal. Your manager should understand that the girl does not come to the office to show off the new palette of shadows, which she successfully bought at a discount last week. A catchy make-up, although made by a skillful hand, is appropriate at a party, celebration, photo shoot, but not at work.

First of all, bright makeup should be abandoned by those whose sphere is closely related to interaction with people. A manager or administrator with a painted face will make the client question the seriousness of the organization.

Provocatively bright make-up

Go through your make-up and find pastel eye shadows that are perfect for office makeup. You may not need to use them at all, but just line your eyes with a pencil or eyeliner to give expressiveness to the image.

Think over several make-up options in advance so that in the morning you don’t waste time erasing and reapplying cosmetics. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of mascara, as thickly painted eyelashes will spoil all your efforts.

Piercings in open areas

Recently, punctures on the body and face are gaining popularity. However, for those who want to make a career, an earring in the nose or on the lips will be another common beauty mistake. Not everyone likes piercings, especially on the face. Remember that the boss wants to see people with taste in his team, and piercing is an ornament for an amateur. A lady with a nose ring is unlikely to have a positive impact on the client’s impression of the company.

If you think that piercing is an expression of your personality, think about other ways to make the look unique, or wear earrings in inaccessible places.

Artificial eyelashes, lips, hair

The main mistakes, according to beauty masters, are ignorance of the measure. There is nothing wrong with trying to hide flaws and emphasize the strengths of appearance. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, new opportunities are constantly emerging, but you should not overdo it: doll eyelashes and duck lips will give your look a silly look, but not charm.

Look in the mirror and evaluate your appearance adequately. If it seems that the lips are about to burst, and you can’t see the eyes behind the eyelashes, then it’s time to stop. About artificial hair it is necessary to say separately: beauty mistakes in caring for them will lead to a deplorable result.

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