Available to everyone: 4 pairs of Kate Middleton earrings that cost less than 800 rubles


Kate Middleton has long been considered a role model British women (and not only them) are increasingly choosing clothes and accessories “like Kate”. Especially subjects of Her Highness like that she does not shy away from things of the middle segment and appears in them in public. So, for example, Kate, known for her love of stylish jewelry, several times complemented her look with cute, but not at all expensive earrings. – worth up to ten pounds sterling (about 800 rubles). And finding the same is not a problem, we will tell you where you can buy them.

double rings

kate middleton photo

For the traditional annual visit to Scarborro, Kate Middleton opted for simple but elegant double gold hoop earrings. They matched perfectly with her beige turtleneck and brown hair. In London stores and marketplaces, such a model cost about five pounds.

Similar earrings can be bought from us, and even choose between silvery and golden models. These also look impressive. three hoop earrings. Kate would definitely not refuse such!

Boho earrings

kate middleton photo

At the Garden Wisley summer event, Kate, then the Duchess of Cambridge, appeared in a floral print dress and complemented the look with boho earrings. Admirers of Kate immediately found this model on the Web and were amazed at its value. only 1.5 pounds. Needless to say, the stock of cute boho earrings sold out immediately.

If you like a bright style with ethnic motifs, pay attention to lovely earrings, which are perfect for summer outfits. Here’s another one inexpensive but stylish – definitely will not be superfluous in a jewelry box.

Boho earrings with green stone

kate middleton photo

It looks like Kate Middleton is partial to boho, and you can understand her! Another pair of earrings in this style, this time from Zeen, graced the ears of Prince William’s wife at a charity event last year. The Zeen online store offered this model for £6.50.

You can treat yourself too boho earrings adorned with multicolored pebbles. You can even order original model from Zeento definitely look like a princess!

Gold Plated Braided Rings

kate middleton photo

These eye-catching gold-plated braided hoop earrings are a staple of Kate Middleton’s collection, as she has worn them on numerous occasions. The product from the ASOS brand is a success not only with Kate and costs only 10 pounds.

If you want to get similar earrings, then we advise you to take a closer look at minimalistic twisted rings or more voluminous earrings of the same shape.

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