At what age can you do laser hair removal, tips

Cosmetologists say that a clear limit on the age at which laser hair removal can be done has not been established. This procedure is popular with teenagers who are at the stage of growing up. The purpose of laser hair removal is to remove excess hair on the body. The laser is applicable from the moment when the body hair becomes coarse, suitable for removal.

How old is laser hair removal?

At what age should laser hair removal be done?

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure. Unlike depilation with wax or cream, the laser removes not only the hair, but also the follicle. The skin becomes smooth and even, and the next session is required not so quickly when compared with depilation.

Most cosmetologists believe that laser hair removal is ineffective until the teenage girl’s menstrual cycle is finally established. The laser will remove some hairs, but others will grow back. A course of laser treatment is recommended to be done when 1 or 2 years have passed since the first menstruation.

Laser hair removal for a teenager

In 60 cases out of 100 in adolescents, about 10-20% of the hair returns. This is due to the instability of the hormonal background and the characteristics of puberty.

At what age do girls start growing body hair?

Until the girls enter the stage of puberty, there is no point in preventing hair growth. At a young age, the body is predominantly covered with fluff. Colorless light hairs are particularly soft. Such vegetation is not pigmented, most of it is almost invisible. If you remove the fluff, then it will reappear in the same place after a while.

Usually girls mature earlier than boys. They begin to be interested in cosmetology, ask their parents for permission for laser hair removal quite early. It becomes inconvenient for a girl at the age of 12-13 to appear on the beach or in the pool with excess vegetation on her legs. If parents do not take care of this problem in advance, then independent experiments on removing body hair can lead to serious injuries.

In girls, hair first appears in the pubic area, then on the armpit. This happens at 10-13 years old. This is how the sexual characteristics, designated as “secondary”, are formed. Sometimes hair growth does not occur until the age of 13-14. Slowed rates of development speak of late puberty, but are a variant of the norm.

At what age should a girl be allowed hair removal

What areas can be epilated for teenagers

Teenagers are most often concerned about excess hair in the bikini area, on the face, legs and arms. Cosmetologists insist: you should not use laser hair removal on the face before reaching the age of 18 without serious medical indications. The best option is epilation of the legs, armpits, inner thighs.

The exception is the need to remove hard dark hair that begins to appear above the lip of girls and looks like a mustache. It is strictly forbidden to use a laser on the brow ridges – this can lead to visual impairment.

Indications and contraindications for laser hair removal up to 18 years

Every girl dreams of smooth skin – this is dictated by the standards of modern beauty. Having a beautiful well-groomed body is a natural desire. This can be achieved in many ways, and laser hair removal is one of them.

Basically, laser treatment is a medical procedure that can be highly recommended for teenagers if:

  • Diagnosed with hypertrichosis, that is, excessive hair growth caused by disruptions at the hormonal level;
  • The appearance of dark and coarse hair causes discomfort;
  • After standard depilation, severe irritation appears on the skin;
  • Ingrown hair develops.

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