Astro Boy boots are a new meme: why they are ordered without even knowing the price, and what doctors think about it. BEAUTYHACK

These unusual boots will not go on sale until February 16, but bloggers are already lining up for them. Judging by the hype and the number of pre-orders, the novelty will become another meme thing like Vetements heeled crocs, Balenciaga huge down jackets and tiny Jacquemus handbags.

The scarlet boots are a product of the art agency MSCHF, whose name is pronounced “mischief” (in English – “prank”). The company was founded in 2016, but it was only three years later when the brand released several creative projects at once. For example, a laptop with six of the most dangerous computer viruses on the planet, a browser plug-in that allows you to discreetly watch TV shows at work, a collar that turns barking dogs into curses, a phone application that advises you to buy stocks based on your zodiac sign. So thanks to its viral drops, the creative brand became a worthy competitor to Supreme and Yeezy Gap.

Now it’s time for shoes inspired by Astro Boy, the legendary manga and anime character from Japan. The main character is a robot from a world where androids live with people. He can fly and speak 60 languages, wears black shorts and scarlet boots. The project lasted 16 years, from 1952, and then was closed. But the characters of this series are still very popular in many countries. So the buyers will be not only influencers who dream of taking photos and videos with a creative pair of shoes, but also fans of the series. They are already discussing on social networks and forums where to buy shorts, like in a cartoon, in order to collect a similar look.

“Over the years, we have seen countless references to the hero in fashion. But none of them was more literal than this one, ”this is how the brand presented its next hit.

The boots are a 1:1 model. They are made from red EVA foam and feature the art collective’s name printed on the sole. The cost has not yet been announced, but, according to rumors, from $350 to $500.

Meanwhile, doctors advise to be more careful: such boots can only be good for a photo, but they are not suitable for wearing. First, they are made of non-breathable material, which is not good for the skin. Secondly, the shape and size can make walking difficult and affect the joints badly.

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