Anti-aging makeup: recommendations of makeup artists for different ages

A woman of the twenty-first century does not need an elixir of youth to throw off a dozen years in just half an hour. “Witch’s Remedy” is a rejuvenating make-up that can revive beauty that has faded over the years. The main thing is to do the procedure correctly.

Moisturizing the skin before applying makeup

On a dry age-related dermis, decorative cosmetics roll into unpleasant lumps, giving the image a carelessness and emphasizing wrinkles, which visually adds extra years.

The face needs to be prepared in stages. Washing with foam or shower gel with a moisturizing effect will be the first step towards beauty. After hygiene procedures, the skin is thoroughly wiped. Then the lifting drug comes into play. It is applied to the delicate area under the eyes with light movements. If crow’s feet appear, they should also be treated. Any cooling cream or patches will do. After 7 minutes, you should use a non-greasy cream with the function of not only moisturizing, but also nourishing the skin. Leave the composition up to 7 minutes to saturate the pores. Then you can proceed to the application of primer, base cosmetic and powder. This is the main feature of preparing a rejuvenating make-up.


For deep nutrition of the dermis, products will help, which include:

  • Collagen – for elasticity;
  • Retinoids – for the production of collagen;
  • Acids – fruit, lactic – to restore cells;
  • Muscle relaxants – to relieve mimic tension.

The dermis should be pampered with moisturizing and nourishing preparations daily. If these procedures are neglected, cosmetics will no longer help to “throw off” 10 or 15 years.

In addition, for rejuvenation, a woman needs soft cleansing scrubs to remove keratinized particles, a facial wash, a peeling agent, a tonic for moisturizing, serums with a nutrition and rejuvenation function. Skin care cosmetics-2021 allows you to get the desired result, if you do not neglect beauty procedures.

For anti-aging makeup, it is especially important to properly prepare the base – to clean and moisturize the dermis.

Lip rejuvenation secret

Even if annoying wrinkles are hidden, the real age of a woman is given out by her lips. A blurry contour is the third sign of age after the “crow’s feet” and the “flowing” oval of the face.

It is possible to hide the true age with the help of a make-up arsenal.

In detail, the steps for rejuvenating the lips look like this:

  • A pencil, matched to the natural color of the lips, is used as a base, applied over the entire surface, and not just along the contours;
  • To emphasize the contour, a highlighter is taken, which gives volume, which is necessary for lips thinned over the years;
  • The contour is slightly shaded;
  • Lipstick will suit beautiful berry and elegant pinkish shades. Many women, when performing an age make-up, use brown, rich caramel and purple tones. But dark options visually make the lips thinner, which visually adds years to their owner. The inability to choose the right lipstick color is one of the mistakes of ladies of Balzac age. Dark lipstick should be removed from the makeup bag forever;
  • To visually enlarge the lips, a product with a gloss or a reflective effect will help. Quite a bit, in the center of the lips.

An anti-aging make-up will not fulfill its mission without the correct design of the lips, so a woman should pay no less attention to them than to her eyes, cheekbones and décolleté.

Correct shadow color

Age wrinkles that appear on the eyelids are dangerous: the applied shadows fall into them, advertising old age. A leveling base will help to remove the problem.

For the eyelids, shadows of neutral shades are selected. The main color is beige and all its variations from light, golden to dark, brown. Intense colors should be excluded, especially when it comes to the impending century. In this case, shining tones are more suitable. If such shadows are slightly applied to the inner corner of the eye, then the overhang of the eyelid will cease to dominate.

Those who like to use several colors of shadows at once should remember: sharp borders visually add age. If the skin is unhealthy, all the more you need to be more careful about the choice of decorative cosmetics. Otherwise, instead of hiding the flaws, the make-up will emphasize them even more.

For an evening look, shadows with a slight brown tint are suitable, for a morning look – a beige version. Fans of smoky tones, who have long crossed the threshold of their 40th birthday, need to choose another favorite color, because the charming “haze”, which adds mystery to young beauties, ladies aged 50+, will give the effect of the tired eyes of an old woman. The same recommendation applies to the 60+ category.

Makeup artists advise using apricot tones to refresh age-related daily makeup for women. Shadows are applied to the eyelid, emphasized with a brown pencil. The line is drawn at the eyelashes so that the arrows tend to the tips of the eyebrows. This technique will visually make the eyes clear and young.

Properly selected shadows will not have the desired effect without lengthening mascara, which twists eyelashes that have thinned over the years, plus visually increases their volume. Ladies 55-60 years old apply mascara only on the eyelashes of the upper eyelid. If you evenly make up both the lower and upper eyelashes, the shadow that falls on the area under the eyes will emphasize the dark bags and visually create non-existent or hidden wrinkles, and the entire anti-aging make-up is down the drain.

Secrets of anti-aging makeup for different ages

Experienced makeup artists advise charmers of all ages to take the base for decorative cosmetics seriously. The secret of youth is hidden behind a layer of makeup.

Makeup Secrets

Here are simple and effective tips from stylists:

  • To give the effect of radiance, a primer containing reflective components is used;
  • The same primer, which contains silicone, will fill wrinkles and even out the covers;
  • The filler will remove the nasolabial folds and make the oval of the face clearer;
  • The concealer will hide acne, bags under the eyes, pigmentation;
  • Tonal base preferred natural color;
  • To “revitalize” the dermis, matting agents of warm shades are taken;
  • Powder with the function of light reflection – mineral, loose – will mask problem areas on the face, neck, décolleté;
  • The color of blush for age beauties needs peach, neutral. Apply to the area from the cheekbone to the ear, shading;
  • Women who have crossed the border of wisdom need to exclude all clear bold lines and dark ones – so the 60+ age make-up will be more elegant;
  • It’s time to forget about playful long arrows near the eyes, sparkles and matte lipstick;
  • Shadows should choose elegant shades.

To create an impeccable age, you need to tidy up your eyebrows and lips.

Every age has its own beauty secrets. Knowing this, you can visually throw off if not 20, then 10 years for sure.

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