America’s Top Model: What happened to the winners of the show

The modeling industry has always been something far away for ordinary people, but thanks to the show “America’s Next Top Model”, the general public learned about all its intricacies. Surely some girls watched this project at least once, rooted for their favorite participant, “smiled with their eyes,” as Tyra Banks taught, and dreamed of a career on the podium. In our article, we recall the winners of all 24 seasons.

1. Adrianne Curry

In her interviews after the victory, the first winner of the season claimed that it was difficult for her to cope with the attention of the fans, even a serious dependence on money appeared. The girl admits that at some point she lost herself among the numerous toxic circles of the secular world, ceased to be real, and under the influence of someone else’s opinion she even changed her own breasts. But through bitter experience, Adrianne proved that it is never too late to return everything back: she recently removed implants, is the face of the Avon cosmetics company and, having abandoned modeling, lives happily with her husband in a country house.


2. Joanna House

In order to get into the show, the future successful model had to lose almost thirty kilograms. The competition was high, but Joanna always tried to avoid conflicts and intrigues. Immediately after the show, she managed to sign a contract with Denmark’s leading agency 1st Opinion Model Management and the Israeli cosmetics brand Careline. Joanne also tried herself as a presenter, starring in several television commercials and even a series. In 2008, the model had a son, but this did not become a reason for the termination of the modeling business.


3. Eva Marcille Pigford

The hot girl became the first black model to win in TMPA. As a child, she was a real tomboy, and no one would have thought that she could become a model. On the show, she showed herself strong and confidently made her way to the finals. After the project, her face appeared on the covers of famous foreign magazines, including Cosmopolitan. Eva took part in the videos of singer Angie Stone and rapper 50 Cent. Since 2008, she has played in the TV series The Young and the Restless, and ten years later she became the star of the soap opera The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In Pigford’s personal life, everything is fine: she is the mother of three children and is loved in her second marriage.


4. Naima Mora

She was a quiet participant on the project and only towards the end she became liberated and began to show excellent results, from which all the judges were delighted. After “America’s Next Top Model” appeared in many magazines, starred in the Tyra Banks show. Naima has always been attracted to the music industry, so she succeeded here too, becoming the vocalist of the rock band Galaxy of Tar, before that she sang in another band, but it broke up.


5. Nicole Linkletter

The shy, pale-skinned, quirky girl faced accusations of immaturity from other aspiring America’s Next Top Model contestants. But young Nicole proved that even flaws can be turned into virtues. After winning the fifth season, she was especially fond of the audience in Asia, so she entered into contracts with modeling organizations in the countries of this continent. She has repeatedly worked for advertising campaigns, defiled on the catwalks for famous foreign designer brands: Maria Bianca Nero, Alice and Olivia and others.


6. Daniel Evans

She did not deviate from the development in the modeling industry. As a prize, a contract was signed with the CoverGirl company, which liked the cooperation with the girl so much that the contract was extended. She has also worked for Ford Models, Click Model Management and with Victoria’s Secret. She repeatedly defiled at the New York Fashion Week, and the TMPA panel of judges remembered Danielle as one of the most confident and talented participants, setting an example for other models.


7. Carey English

Many believe that diseases, especially those that have external manifestations, immediately block the path to the dream of becoming a model. But Caridi, who has suffered from psoriasis since childhood, completely shattered this stereotype. She did not give up and was actively engaged in treatment in order to get on the project loved by everyone. After the victory, she took up charity work and became the chairman of the National Psoriasis Foundation. The model actively supported people suffering from skin defects, fought for the lifting of the ban on drugs that help in the treatment. Her modeling career is an example of the fact that you can live not only beautifully, but also for the benefit of society.


8. Jaslyn Gonzalez

She tried to qualify in the seventh season, but only in the eighth she managed to get into TMPA and reach the end of the project. The Latin American fatal appearance and the ability to gracefully pose were liked by both photographers and judges. There was an opinion that due to insufficient growth parameters, Jaslyn would not be able to break into the podium, nevertheless she defiled for designers such as Nina Ricci, Indashio, Elda De La Rosa, Cesar Galindo. Jaslyn was invited to shoot in clips and movies. And now she teaches novice models and helps them climb the career ladder. Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of fashion? Don’t miss our themed selection of films.


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