Acupuncture instead of Botox and the fight against hair loss: a candid interview with Ashley Graham. BEAUTYHACK

Plus-size model and mother of three Ashley Graham gave a very interesting and truthful interview to British Vogue. The celebrity told why she meditates for almost more than an hour in the morning, why she posts such candid posts about herself on social networks, how she copes with hair loss after childbirth and keeps her face and body in good shape without complicated procedures and operations.

How the morning starts

“I like to wake up before the kids to plan my day. I hate it when they wake me up, because in this case there is no time for myself, and at the end of the day I feel exhausted. I have my own rituals in the morning. On Tuesday and Thursday I get up at 5:45 and meditate and pray until 7. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I get up at 6:15 and then I drink coffee, stretch and get ready to take care of the children. I’m the type of person who can’t do one routine every day, it’s kind of a trigger for me. That’s why I set this schedule for myself.”

On why her posts are so explicit

“Let’s be honest, no one really shares everything because a) there are personal things, b) a lot of people only want to show the luxurious life. I can’t stand it. I always say to people I know at dinner or on the street, “I hate small talk.” I immediately want to delve into the conversation, discuss complex topics. And I feel this when I lead my social networks. Enough superficial posts that bloggers make to show only what they want to show. If I take photos where there is hair on the body, then I will show it to everyone. Who even cares? Everyone has not the most beautiful pictures. And it’s not that important.”

How to deal with hair loss after childbirth

“I know that many have faced this problem since Covid-19. I heard a lot about it from some of my friends. I haven’t found a treatment I’m obsessed with, but I love Nala Beauté products because they don’t make my hair greasy. I also use Elixir Ultime L’Original Hair Oil by Kérastase.”

About training

“Being a mom is great. The only bad thing is that from this period all personal affairs become inaccessible. I have not yet figured out how to exercise regularly, but I have a personal trainer. Her name is Kira Stokes and she is always by my side. She quickly connects to FaceTime, even if I only have 20 minutes. When I travel, I go to her app to study by video.”

About beauty treatments

“I do face acupuncture sessions. I’m not ready for Botox and fillers yet, so I’m trying to take care of my skin in more natural ways. My cosmetologist Sandra Lanshin from Brooklyn puts needles on me, applies stem cell serum, and then does a hardware procedure to keep my muscles in good shape. She guided me even before pregnancy, then throughout the pregnancy and now too. We even put needles on the stomach after childbirth – it helps with stretch marks and skin elasticity. Acupuncture really helps with everything.”

About evening skin care

“I like tanned skin, so I use auto bronzers. I love St Tropez’s Luxe Body Serum. It contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and some niacinamide. I also use a vitamin C product and a retinol eye cream at night. I also use a moisturizer from the Italian brand Dermophisiologique. It has a fairly thick texture and I like it. I’m 35 years old with three kids and I’ve learned that hydration is key to skincare.”

About favorite pharmaceutical products

Aquaphor brand products are what I choose and use for my children. I also love Neutrogena sunscreen, it’s really good.”

How to deal with difficult times

“I don’t really like self-improvement books, but I think there are podcasts that are interesting. I like to listen to other people’s opinions. I love my friend (former monk and self-help guru) Jay Shetty. He recently released a book and it’s interesting. In addition, you know that I have days when I pray and spend a lot of time on my own. Then I can say, “Hey God, what happened? Look how I feel.” This time is very sacred. And for me, this is the best self-help, because you get advice not from someone you don’t know, but from silence.”

What helps you relax

“I just put my phone in a drawer and leave! It’s a big deal, isn’t it? For me, as a mom, this is important because I don’t want my kids to see me with my phone all the time. I want to relax, but the phone does not help me with this. I don’t watch TV, instead I scroll through TikTok and then kick myself that I can’t be productive.”

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