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A tidal fan and a fragrance with roses from her own garden: what’s in Pamela Anderson’s bag. BEAUTYHACK

In recent months, Pamela Anderson has been on everyone’s lips. In January, Netflix released Pamela: A Love Story, a documentary about her biography, and this month, the actress presented memoir “Love, Pamela”. Also, almost every week she gives interviews to various publications, and the other day she recorded a video for British Vogue. In the video, Pamela showed the contents of her Stella McCartney bag. And it turned out not so many things, but they are all very interesting.

First of all, Pamela showed her favorite ILIA concealer. Then in her bag was a palette of this brand.

Andesron also carries a fan with him, which he uses during hot flashes due to menopause (lately, stars have been talking openly about menopause, and Naomi Watts even created a brand for women during this period, we talked about it Here) and oil for joint pain in arthritis.

Also in the actress’s bag are vintage sunglasses and a lot of cosmetics: blush from Kindred Black, lip balm from Dr. Hauschka, sunscreen, false eyelashes, and a personal fragrance that she created herself (it contains notes of ylang ylang and roses grown in her garden).

A particularly valuable beauty tool is glitter from makeup artist Alexis Vogel. Pamela was friends with her for many years, but in 2019, Alexis passed away. Pamela noted that it was Vogel who came up with her image, to which we are so accustomed.

Anderson admitted that she believes in the power of crystals, so she cannot imagine her day without an amethyst “for good vibrations.” She also keeps Rescue Remedy natural sedative pills in a small candy box.

Pamela loves to read plays, she is currently reading Extremes by William Mastrosimone. She also likes to draw, so the actress cannot do without a pencil and small sheets of paper. And a bonus – a kumquat snack for a snack!



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