A question for a cosmetologist: can high-quality products with acids be inexpensive?

Cosmetics with acids can give excellent results, but this is always a very individual story: what kind of acid is right for you, how often you use the product and what to combine it with – your skin and your beautician will tell you. You need to try, monitor the reaction and adjust the care system if necessary.

Products with acids can be used all year round with an important condition – apply SPF protection to the skin every day. However, even if you use acids occasionally or not at all, UV protection should never be neglected.

In the beauty industry, there are three categories of products with acids: budget care in the mass market brands, premium cosmetics, as well as cosmeceuticals and professional products. In the presence of the same acid in the composition, they can have a huge difference in price. We asked cosmetologist Yulia Pärn to express her opinion on budgetary funds with acids and explain pricing.

The price of cosmetics is always formed taking into account the costs of production / logistics and marketing. In the case of acids, we also look at all these indicators, and also at the concentration of the acid in the composition – the effect of using the product depends on this. Many brands, for example, do not list the percentage of acid or other active ingredients at all. And if the content is very low, then there may not be an exfoliating effect at all.

Do not forget that in addition to acid, other active auxiliary components also give results: they enhance and complement each other’s action. In the mass market, the cost of components will in any case be low.

For premium brands, the price is formed through active marketing, but the quality of their raw materials will also be higher than in the mass market. It is better to give preference to cosmeceuticals. For such funds, the price includes the cost of high-quality raw materials and the cost of research. Marketing takes almost the last place.

Next, with regard to the percentage of acid. Here you need to understand what you are using the tool for. If as an analogue of a scrub for daily exfoliation, then a low percentage is normal (each type of acid has its own). If, say, 7% glycolic acid is indicated, and, subjectively, there is not even a slight tingling sensation, then most likely the real figure does not correspond to the declared percentage.

The quality of raw materials also works in the case of acids. They can be obtained from different substances, with varying degrees of purification. It can be difficult to find a quality composition even in cosmeceuticals.

If you give general advice, then when you make a choice in favor of the mass market, then let it be products with a complex of acids: AHA or AHA + BHA. In this case, there is a chance that some will definitely work. Start with a small percentage and see how your skin reacts. But ideally, I would recommend cosmeceuticals, which you will select together with a specialist, taking into account the type and characteristics of your skin.

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