A new comedy based on Tsypkin’s story or a spin-off of Supernatural: what series will we watch in the fall.

We talked about the main films of the fall here. Now we have compiled a list of the most anticipated series, the premiere dates of which are already known for sure.

“Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power”

USA, fantasy, action, drama, adventure

Premiere: September 2, Amazon Prime Video

Fans of Tolkien’s fantasy and special effects should definitely like this series. At least, judging by the trailer, it turned out to be something very interesting. In the center of the plot is the struggle between good and evil, which is already taking place on a large scale. It is known that there will be two seasons, in the first – nine episodes.

“What should a woman do if she has two lovers, but you need to choose one”

Russia, comedy

Premiere: September 8, Okko

Light comedy series written by Alexander Tsypkin. The cast is impressive: Elena Lyadova, Gosha Kutsenko and Anton Filipenko starred. The plot is clear from the title: a woman 40+ is looking for a lover for a while, eventually finding two completely different, but very interesting to her. At one point, you still need to make a choice in favor of one, and this causes difficulties. There were eight episodes in total.


USA, drama, music

Premiere: September 11, Fox

We’re looking forward to this series for Susan Sarandon, who only makes good movies. This time she played a popular country singer who dreams that her family members will continue her business. However, things don’t seem to be going so smoothly. To outshine or at least repeat the success of her heroine will not be possible for everyone.


USA, Germany, horror, drama, detective, history

Premiere: September 14, Netflix

Horror with elements of drama and detective from director Baran bo Odar, who directed the TV series “Darkness”. The plot revolves around an international group of European migrants who are sailing on a boat from London to New York. However, on the way, they collide with another ship, and then they learn terrible secrets. Already from the trailer, it is clear that this story will keep viewers in suspense for all eight episodes.


USA, fantasy, action, adventure

Premiere: September 21, Disney+

This is a prequel to Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories, which was directed by Toby Haynes, also known for the Doctor Who and Sherlock projects. In the center of the plot are the adventures of the scout Cassian Andor during the years of the formation of the Resistance. The season consists of 12 episodes.

“Night Club”

USA, horror, thriller, detective

Premiere: October 7, Netflix

The series from the producers of The Haunting of Hill House is not particularly impressive to watch. According to the script, terminally ill but young hospice patients gather at midnight to tell each other frightening stories. And then they make a deal – whoever dies first will have to contact the others. So far, one season with 10 episodes has been reported.


USA, fantasy, adventure

Premiere: October 11, The CW

This premiere will be appreciated by fans of the Supernatural series. The plot centers on the story of parents Dean and Sam Winchester, which takes place in the early 1970s. Young people meet by chance and begin to fight the forces of evil together. The first season has six episodes.


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