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Love inspires, gives emotions and unsettles. But we are looking for her over and over again, we create families, we go through partings and quarrels. We learn to live in harmony and try to get to know our partner better. BeautyHack.ru has collected books that will help you understand your feelings and survive different moments of a relationship.

“Love Feeling” by Sue Johnson

For those who want to understand what love is from the point of view of science

How to build love and keep it? The book by Sue Johnson, a member of the American Psychological Association and the owner of many honorary titles and awards, will tell you how love is formed, why rejection becomes a danger signal for the brain, and why intimate relationships are not the most important thing.

It is based on scientific research and the stories of the author’s clients. After reading, even the most unhappy couples can bring intimacy back into their lives, restore and build relationships that do not exhaust themselves.

“Where Love Is Born” by Stephanie Cacioppo

For those who want to understand themselves and their personal lives

A gentle and scientifically based book from an eminent neuroscientist and psychiatrist that talks about how our brain works in matters of love. How to keep love when there is no physical intimacy? Why is it so hard to mend a broken heart?

World-renowned social neuroscientist Stephanie Cacioppo has studied love under a microscope and found answers to questions that concern each of us. Her book explains the neural basis of this feeling. Beneath the cover are the results of the latest scientific discoveries and a touching personal story.

“Love for Life” Harvill Hendrix and Helen Hunt

For couples who are looking for something to read about relationships

The legendary bestseller is based on 30 years of experience of authors-psychotherapists. Husbands Harvill and Helen made one of the most important discoveries in the field of relationship psychology: we are attracted to partners who are similar to the people who raised us.

The authors’ powerful method helps to revive love, create a sense of security, trust and connection. This book has saved thousands of couples. Try it for yourself.

“An Untroubled Relationship” by Leslie Becker-Phelps

For those who feel insecure in a relationship

A practical guide from acclaimed family therapy expert Leslie Becker-Phelps. The book will help to cope with anxiety and fears in love and build a strong, happy and long-lasting relationship.

You will learn how childhood attachments can interfere with us and what to do about it, as well as learn to recognize your negative thoughts, beliefs and behavioral habits that prevent you from living a happy life.

“After the Honeymoon” by Daniel Wyle

For those who are going through a crisis in marriage

Well-known family psychologist and counselor Daniel Wyle tells what to do if marriage began to seem boring and uninteresting. The author suggests not to get divorced, but to survive this stage in the relationship. What’s more, Wyle believes it could help lay a solid foundation for a new chapter of a happy life together.

After reading the book, you will understand why conflicts arise in your couple, how to learn to understand yourself and your partner and build a dialogue without irritation, but openly and sincerely.

“Uwe’s Second Life”

“Treason”, Janice Spring

For those who are experiencing a betrayal of a partner or have changed themselves

A warm and smart book that will help you survive the crisis of relationships after infidelity, will become an adviser and support in a difficult period. It will be useful to both the wounded and the cheating partner.

Psychologist with 35 years of experience Janice Spring tells how to understand your feelings and decide whether to keep a relationship. And if so, how to do it carefully and non-traumatically.

“Gap”, Susan Elliott

For those who are going through a breakup

Susan Elliott is a psychologist and grief counselor who teaches how to deal with losses, evaluate past experiences, and plan for the future. The author will also tell you how to create your own positive and comfortable life from the present, rely on yourself and love your life.

This is a kind and compassionate book with simple and clear rules for living through a breakup. After reading, you will definitely have new plans, and also, if relevant, you will prepare for a new, already healthy and harmonious relationship.

Rules of Love, Richard Templar

For those who want to remind themselves what love is

Richard Templar, an English writer and publisher, and best-selling author on self-development, career growth, and success, has compiled a set of rules that will help build harmonious relationships. Perhaps some of his advice seems banal, but in practice we often forget about them.

This book will remind you what real and sincere love is and, perhaps, help you become more tolerant of yourself and your partner.

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