6 reasons to never use hair conditioner: Roman Airey says


The first conditioner was presented at an exhibition in Paris in 1900 as a means to soften the hair and beard. And today it is already considered an indispensable element of hair care. But despite this, I very often hear: “Why is it needed at all?” and “I’m fine without him.”

Okay, I’m on your side today. I will tell you in what cases it is really better not to use the air conditioner.

Roman Airey

Roman Airey

Stylist, hair expert, creator of clothing brand IREY

Columnist YaPokupayu, clearly and convincingly answers the most unexpected questions of readers.

1. You do not understand why it is needed

So to say, you do not use the air conditioner out of ignorance and are not going to expand your horizons in this direction. Yes, shampooing for some reason does not make your hair silky and shiny – that means it’s not destiny …

2. You don’t have hair

Hair conditioner softens only the hair and in no way the scalp. So if you are a bald person, you can easily remove this bottle from the bathroom shelf. You definitely don’t need it.

3. You don’t care what you look like.

Some people do not care how they look, and external beauty is definitely not the most important thing for them. Hair conditioner gives an exceptionally aesthetic result, creates the effect of more well-groomed and obedient hair styling. But if this is irrelevant for you, then with a light heart, give up this remedy!

4. You are a child

Here, without the slightest irony, I declare that you are doing the right thing: do not use conditioner on children’s hair, it is absolutely useless there!

5. You are prone to allergies

In this case, indeed, many hair conditioners will not work for you. But believe me, hypoallergenic cosmetics exist – and you can enjoy all the benefits of a conditioner without the risk of skin irritation or even a more serious reaction of the body.

6. You have wounds on your head

Do not use the conditioner if you have open wounds, scratches or other damage! Until the scalp heals, the use of hair conditioner is prohibited.

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Roman Airey
Roman Airey
Hairdresser, mentor

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