5 ways to update your hair without losing the length (yes, it’s possible)


Sometimes just getting a haircut is enough to make you feel like a different person. But we are not always ready for radical change. There is an exit! We tell you how to freshen up your hair if every centimeter counts.

Butterfly haircut

butterfly haircut refresh hair

Butterfly is one of those layered haircuts that allows you to play with the look and even create the illusion of short hair while maintaining the length. How? It’s all about the bangs! The hairdresser selects an individual shape and length for her in order to favorably emphasize facial features.

Usually the butterfly’s bangs are quite long, sometimes reaching to the shoulders. Gather the back strands into a ponytail, and leave the short curls near the face loose – in front, the hairstyle will resemble a bob.


how to freshen up your hair

And here is the most popular way to freshen up your hair without parting with the length. The choice is great: from ultra-short and classic straight to asymmetric. Consult with the master – he will help you choose the option that suits you.

For those who are afraid of change, there is a trendy bang-curtain. This is an elongated version that frames the face on both sides of the sides (hence the name: like curtains that frame a window, but do not curtain it entirely). If desired, it can be laid as if there were no bangs at all. Dare!


haircut cascade for long hair

Jennifer Aniston’s favorite haircut is versatile. It will add volume to thin hair, lightness to thick hair. A feature of the hairstyle is layering, strands of different lengths with a pronounced transition. The shortest curls – at the crown, behind, along the neck – are the longest.

Cascade cool refreshes the image and is easy to style (you can do without it at all). The only caveat: you will have to carefully monitor the condition of the hair, since a multi-layered haircut “highlights” all split ends.


how to refresh your hair while maintaining the length

Why go to the hairdresser at all? Just curl your hair. Hollywood waves, beach curls, small curls, ripples – today there are dozens of ways to get charming curls without resorting to a long-lasting perm.

The reflection in the mirror will definitely change: waves in any form smooth out facial features, make them softer and more feminine. And the volume they create is also a powerful anti-age tool.


how to freshen up

Yes, asymmetrical haircuts and styling look more interesting on short curls, but who’s stopping us from experimenting? If you wear a straight or side parting on the left side, move your hair to the right (and vice versa).

Parting can be located closer to the middle or to the ears – try different options, in each case the result will be different. With the help of this technique, you can advantageously emphasize the cheekbones and hide the natural asymmetry.

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