5 most beautiful women on the planet in history (we did not know about some)


Throughout the ages, beautiful women have been at the center of attention. They were sung in songs and legends, became the causes of wars and themselves fell under reprisals, but their names have survived to this day. Who are they, the most beautiful girls in the history of the planet?

Of course, you can’t put everyone in one article, but if you’re interested, let me know in the comments – there’s enough material for a journalistic series! And today I will talk about incredible beauties, around whose personalities a huge number of myths and legends are wound.

Elena Troyanskaya

Elena Troyanskaya; Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy

According to myths, this woman was so beautiful that she overshadowed the goddesses of Olympus. Some ancient historians attribute divine origin to her, calling her the daughter of Zeus and the mortal Leda.

The most noble men of Hellas wooed Elena, prophesying to her all the riches and honors. The heroes Ajax and Odysseus dreamed of becoming her husbands. And the capricious beauty, who had already married King Menelaus, fled with Paris to Troy and became the cause of the most famous war of the Ancient World.

In various sources, however, it is indicated that before the events described, the 12-year-old girl was kidnapped by Theseus (the one who killed the Minotaur) and made his wife. In general, Elena is the very example of a beautiful trophy that the heroes of Greece dreamed of possessing and around which Great History was created.

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva; Maureen O’Hara as Lady Godiva

The legend about the beautiful wife of Leofric, Count of Mercia, who made an unprecedented act: she rode naked through the city on a horse so that her husband would reduce taxes for the townspeople (allegedly he promised to do this while heavily drunk), excited the minds and imagination of artists and poets from the Middle Ages.

The truth is that the real Lady Godiva was very rich and sponsored a Benedictine monastery in Coventry. So much so that not a single monastery in England could boast of the same amount of jewelry and gold.

She was so pious and devout that she would hardly have dared such a shameless act as public exposure (given that they promised not to look at her, even secretly and from behind the shutters). One thing is true in this story: the lady was exceptionally pretty for the Middle Ages, her incredibly long and luxurious hair is often mentioned in the writings.



Few people know about this Byzantine empress. And in vain: it was an unprecedented personality who possessed a unique mixture of intelligence, attractiveness, determination and seductiveness.

The daughter of a simple shopkeeper (that is, a tavern keeper) became the wife of as many as two Byzantine emperors – Roman II the Young and Nicephorus II Phocas. There is a beautiful story that she was a circus performer who conquered 18-year-old Roman with her lightness, sensuality and accessibility, but there is no documentary evidence for this.

The historical truth is that the girl was extremely dangerous, downright Byzantine Messalina: it is reliably known that during the life of her first husband she entered into a relationship with the second, then just a military leader. He, in turn, she overthrew as a result of a conspiracy that she started with her new lover, John Tzimiskes.

Theophano became the mother of two Byzantine emperors and two European rulers. And if you now look at her surviving images, one cannot help but admit: she is exceptionally pretty and by modern standards! Her image inspired the Czech artist Alfons Mucha, who depicted her famous portrait in stained glass style.

Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia; Holliday Granger as Lucrezia Borgia

This woman was firmly entrenched in the glory of a beautiful seductress and poisoner. She used her exceptional appearance for the political purposes of the “bloody family” Borgia. She is credited with incestuous relationships with her father and brother, virtuoso possession of poisons and the murder of political opponents of the family.

What do historians say about the girl? Lucrezia was married three times, gave birth to eight children and at the same time retained her beauty and love for sensual pleasures. She was not distinguished by strict morals, but towards the end of her life she became quite pious.

Luxurious Italian adored outfits and jewelry: her mantle, lined with ermine and adorned with rubies, diamonds and pearls, is described in detail. She even rode a mule dressed in a red velvet blanket and a gold bridle.

Nature did not deprive Lucretia of her mind either: she took over her husband’s affairs in his absence, insisted on justice in court proceedings, and strictly monitored that the gentlemen who promised to marry her ladies-in-waiting kept their word.

Diane de Poitiers

Diane de Poitiers; Isabelle Adjani as Diane de Poitiers

The uncrowned queen of France, long-term favorite of Henry II, a woman who remained beautiful until old age. The legend of the king’s love for her has been interpreted by many poets, playwrights and artists.

Indeed, she was 20 years older than the king, but many young competitors could not even come close to her external and personal qualities. Evil tongues said that she did not disdain magical rituals and bathed in the blood of virgins in order to remain beautiful.

Where is the truth? Historians confirm that Diana was distinguished by her remarkable intelligence and the ability to turn enemies into friends – it was this quality that helped her stay at court for so many years. Diana’s beauty was partly a gift of genetics. She is described as a tall, slender woman with full lips and rich brown hair.

However, the woman’s habits puzzled the court: she loved active racing and horse hunting, and in the morning she often bathed in an ice spring. It is not surprising that a chic muscular corset and toned skin favorably distinguished her from younger, but also more loose aristocrats due to their lifestyle. No magic!

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