5 evening makeup ideas that will appeal to both nude lovers and bold little things


Winter brings with it the holidays – a time when girls have a million chances to go out. And for each event you need to come up with something interesting and unbanal. Today we are just sharing the ideas of evening makeup that will make you the star of any party. Watch, be inspired, repeat!

Bronze smokey ice

The most win-win and versatile eye makeup is bronze smokey. It has everything you need for an evening make-up: expressiveness and contrast, the play of heat and cold, elegant shine and radiance. Even an amateur can handle it, the main thing is to be patient and blend all the textures well.

On the eyelid, first apply a primer (for color saturation and durability), fill the moving part with a brown pencil, blend. And then bronze shadows – at the outer corner, the shade should gently dissipate. Deepen the fold with a darker one, such as chocolate. If you want to add brightness, work well on the lash line with a black or brown pencil. You can also draw a thin arrow with a liner. Finish off your eye makeup with a few layers of mascara.

colored arrows

One of the trends of recent seasons is colored arrows, they make the look more expressive and the image brighter. And with their help, you can adjust the shape of the eyes, for example, make the shape more elongated.

Bright arrows can be drawn with gel eyeliner, pencil or shadows (wet). Just choose the shade and shape that suits you. Don’t try to apply the color in one stroke as you can leave a lot of dirt on your eyelids. Draw lines with small strokes and try to maintain symmetry.

shiny arrows

Shiny arrows are a great alternative to colored eyeliner. They make the look fresh and mysterious, and make-up interesting and festive. Suitable for everyone!

The shade of the eyeliner can be any. Apply a sparkling line on top of the black arrow or parallel to it. Experiment!

Sequins and rhinestones

If you want to stay within the framework of your everyday makeup, but add a twist, we recommend using sparkles and rhinestones. You can stick them along the lash line (upper or lower), under the eyebrow and on the cheekbones. This, by the way, will be in trend in the coming season.

But remember that bright accents in makeup require perfectly even skin. Therefore, moisturize your face well and correct imperfections with a tonal foundation and concealer.

bright lips

Well, where without bright lips! Classic reds, scarlet, burgundy, fuchsia and dark brown – there are tons of shades that will make your look special. Choose a lipstick with a dense texture and long-lasting coverage, so that you can be sure that nothing smudges throughout the entire event.

It is also important to apply cosmetics correctly: Lipstick is not used like this: 5 mistakes that every woman makes

And makeup artist Maria Dontsova recently told us about the main makeup trends in 2023:

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