5 evening make-up mistakes that will ruin your holiday look and make you look old


A series of holidays is approaching – you need to think in what way to appear before guests, colleagues, relatives. Of course, make-up is also worth taking care of.

But here be careful: do not make these mistakes in the evening make-up, which will easily turn the image into an image and spoil the mood.

Mistake #1: Applying eyeshadow without a base or primer

Surely you have already figured out what color of shadows to choose for the New Year’s party, most likely it is something bright – something that would be too much in everyday life. And we fully support you in this!

Only sometimes the color falls unevenly and dull, the shadows roll off after a while, and it is extremely difficult to shade them. As a result, by the end of the festive evening, it’s not makeup before our eyes, but some kind of Rorschach spots, in which everyone sees their own: someone is a sloppy make-up, someone is a sad mine, and someone is a neglect of the primer.

How to: Before working with the pigment, be sure to apply a base or primer to the eyelids. This will create an even coating on which cosmetics will be distributed and fixed much better. And the shade will be as bright as in the palette!

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Mistake No. 2. Wrong order of application

In ordinary makeup, we do this: first, we completely shape the face, and then the eyes and lips, in order to create the most harmonious image. In the evening, this will not work. Why?

This is because for the holidays we often use all sorts of sparkles on the eyes: glitters, pigments and shimmer shadows. And they crumble so well when applied, and it’s not at all easy to collect them on the already “dressed” skin: everything will be smeared.

How to: let’s call this “reverse application”: first we paint the eyes and use everything that will shine wonderfully (and crumble beautifully), carefully sweep away the excess, and only then proceed to the skin of the face.

Mistake #3: Too much glitter

The New Year is, of course, first of all glitter: tinsel, sparkling snow, garlands are everywhere… In order to join this festival of radiance, we use glitter and shimmer.

But in some cases it turns out that they “settle” before the eyes, and in the hair, and on the cheeks with lips, and on the body … We all understand: the holidays, and I want to dress up. But such an amount is already some kind of disco ball and bad taste!

How to: in everything you need to know the measure. We do not use glitter everywhere, but, for example, only on the cheeks or on the eyes and hair. Let the laurels of the main shining star go to the New Year tree.

Mistake #4: Not Committing

What is important for us for an evening make-up? It is right that cosmetics, like a tin soldier, endure the entire celebration, not floating away or crumbling anywhere. Without proper consolidation, such a miracle, unfortunately, will not work.

How to: after completing the make-up, use a fixing spray, preferably also matting – the protective film of the product will keep the make-up fresh for a long time. For even more staying power, spray it as a base before applying makeup.

Mistake number 5. “Pale” eyelashes with active eye makeup

If for a special evening we paint over the eyelashes as usual, then with active makeup they will simply be lost against a bright background – we get a “bald eye”.

How to: so that the make-up does not seem incomplete, we paint over the cilia especially thickly, and before that we curl them with a curler. In case your hair is thin and rare or you decide to do a make-up a la Cleopatra, we recommend use strip eyelashes or bundles. Expressive look to be!

I will leave you a video from makeup artist Maria Dontsova for inspiration:

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