30 best melodramas of 2022 to watch

30 best melodramas of 2022 to watch
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We have compiled a large selection of the best melodramas of 2022 especially for all connoisseurs of sensual and touching love stories. Now for the next couple of evenings you will definitely have something to watch!

1. Arguments of reason

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Anne Eliot lives modestly in her difficult family, until a certain Frederick appears in her life. The girl already refused him once, but now she faces serious financial difficulties … The film is based on the short novel of the same name by Jane Austen.

2. Love is like a bestseller

Love as a bestseller
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Henry (Sam Claflin) is a modest English writer who is almost resigned that his career is over. However, his novel unexpectedly becomes a bestseller in Mexico. And all because the translator Maria (Veronica Echegi) added a few spicy scenes from herself.

3. Ticket to heaven

ticket to heaven
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The long-divorced couple must team up again to prevent their daughter from making the same mistake they once made in Bali. Cast: Caitlin Dever, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Billy Lourd and others.

4. Walking together

Walking together
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During a night of fun quests, freshman Oden meets Eli. Together they fully enjoy the teenage life that both lacked.

5. Weekend offline

Weekend offline
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Dan and Janine have long cooled off towards each other, and their daughter spends all day on the Internet. Dan decides to go with his family to nature, away from civilization, in order to save his family. Will he succeed?

6. Dinner for four

Dinner for four
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A temperamental Italian melodrama that will pleasantly surprise even in 2022. Luca and Sarah invite their best friends to dinner and touch on the very exciting topic of the existence of kindred spirits.

7. Quick dictionary of love

Quick dictionary of love
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A teacher of speech technique deals with pupils of the orphanage and falls in love with her student. The couple decides to drop everything and go to the sea from Berlin to France, although they have absolutely no money.

8. Find Lila

Find Lyla
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Mark learns that due to brain disorders, he can die unexpectedly at any moment. Then he decides to go on a trip with his best friends and at the same time say goodbye to his ex-girlfriend Laila, whom he is still in love with.

9. First person

First person
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Kat (Jennifer Lopez) is a popular singer who finds out on the eve of her wedding that her future lover is cheating on her. Desperate, she accidentally meets an ordinary math teacher, Bastian (Owen Wilson), and impulsively decides to marry the first person she meets.

10. Father of the bride

Father of the bride
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The daughter of a temperamental Cuban-American family is about to get married. Preparations for the celebration are in full swing, and only the father of the bride cannot come to terms with such a development.

11. First love

First love
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Jim and Ann are going to university, but unexpected romantic feelings radically change their mood and force them to make a fateful choice. The film also starred Diane Kruger, Jeffrey Donovan and others.

12. Understudy

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Olivia Allan (Samara Weaving) is a famous Hollywood actress who starts an affair with a married billionaire. But if this information emerges in public, there will be a real scandal. Gotta get out!

13. Let’s not say goodbye

We won't say goodbye
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Peru is an incredibly romantic and beautiful place that changes destinies. Peru also changed the fate of two heroes – an architect who does not stop working for a minute, and a bright expressive artist.

14. Expired

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In the not-too-distant future, hitman Jack (Ryan Kwanten) meets karaoke geisha April. But hormones from falling in love destroy his body.

15. Love as redemption

Love as redemption
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In early childhood, Angel was sold to a brothel, where she spent her whole life. But only until the meeting of Michael Hosi, with whom the girl fell in love with unconsciousness.

16. Between hello and goodbye

Between hello and goodbye
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Before going to college, Claire and Aidan decide they need to break up. And at parting, they decide to arrange an unforgettable date and repeat all the important stages of their relationship on it.

17. From my window

From my window
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Raquel has long been in love with her neighbor, and he reciprocates the girl. However, the parents of young people categorically against their relationship. The story of Romeo and Juliet is not outdated in 2022!

18. Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous ties
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Selena is an excellent student and a quiet girl from Paris, who moves to a small resort town to study at the school of Victor Hugo. But like it or not, you will have to build relationships with the local elite, and especially with the handsome surfer Tristan.

19. In royal style

in royal style
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This year, films from countries that are not the most familiar to us are especially relevant. For example, here is such a New Zealand melodrama about the owner of a beauty salon, Isabella, and Lavanian Prince Thomas.

20. Moria Lighthouse

Moria Lighthouse
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Mauriat lives in a small seaside town in France, works with wood and dreams of restoring the local lighthouse. But American architect Ben can interfere with her plans…

21. Between heaven and earth

Between heaven and earth
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The boyfriend of the young heroine (Kyle Allen and Joey King) dies in a car accident. But the girl is sure: even from the underworld, he is trying to reunite with her.

22. Love Under the Lemon Tree

Love under the lemon tree
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Beck is a traveler and photographer who decides to enter a competition. To do this, she goes to Serenity Island and stays at a local farm with a rude but very attractive owner.

23. Jody’s Height 2

Jody's Height 2
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Jodi (Ava Michelle) is getting more and more popular at school, and her boyfriend Dunk is always supportive of her endeavors. True, after receiving a role in the musical, Jodie has absolutely no time left for her lover and friends.

24. Hidden Treasure

hidden treasure
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Eddie prepares for his sister’s wedding, but loses his grandmother’s ring in the ocean. She asks diver Jack for help, and in the process of joint searches she discovers her true love for the sea. And not only to him!

25. The perfect combination

The perfect combination
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One fine day, Lola (Victoria Justice) decides to start selling wine. She knows exactly who should become her first client, and even goes to Australia for this. Only local winemakers do not want to cooperate with a newcomer…

26. Feeling butterflies

Feeling the butterflies
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Emily has a very unusual business: she grows butterflies. Through her life’s work, she meets single father Garrett and his daughter, who are simply delighted with her ideas.

27. Warm up for you

Warm up for you
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Kate is a fitness trainer and one day she is hired by a popular film studio. And not just like that, but for actor Rick Steele, who has to get back in shape. Only now Kate has known Rick for a long time, and they already had a conflict.

28. Time gap

Gap in time
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Sarah moves to a farm with her father and son. She quickly achieves success and establishes the sale of her own ecological products. But suddenly a homeless stranger in the barn, who introduced himself as Richard the Second, changes her usual way of life.

29. And again to hell with love

And again to hell with love
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A group of friends from the Netherlands constantly gets into trouble. On the one hand, each of them has its own difficult history. On the other hand, they all intertwine into a bizarre overall picture.

30. Classified love

classified love
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Emilia Bloom (Melora Hardin) is a successful writer. She returns to her hometown and is already looking forward to meeting her loved ones. But the visit is not as rosy as she imagined, and the relationship is not going too well.

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