3 reasons to never do airtouch, shatush, balayage: expert says


Us to the editor the question was received: “I want staining using the shatush technique, and my husband dissuades me – they say, they went like this 10 years ago. Tell me, is highlighting, shatush and airtouch still in trend? Forwarded his hair stylist Ilya Savin.

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Many people dream of blond hair, and we offer different lightening techniques: highlighting, shatush, balayage, airtouch – it sounds magical! But is this the only way to beauty? There are more and more brunettes and brown-haired women on the covers of magazines and catwalks, and modern trends in the beauty industry are individuality, emphasized naturalness and luxurious well-groomed hair.

I see three reasons why you shouldn’t lighten your hair this way.

Ilya Savin

Ilya Savin

hair stylist

Master in hairdressing at the CNAAS Academy (Italy), winner of international championships.

1. Not to be like everyone else

The first stone in the direction of highlighting and airtouch is not to be like everyone else. Follow your path. In coloring, choose individual colors and shades. If you add light strands, then approach this wisely, placing accents and forgetting about patterns.

2. Naturalness – in trend

Monochromatic dyed hair of the whole range of natural shades is in fashion. If you have a warm, rich color type, then it is better to refuse the blond. You will get lost in it.

Often I see such examples: the skin of the face is tanned, rich and dark, actively expressed eyebrows, but at the same time blond hair, with a lot of highlighting or airtouch. Doubtful nature.

Ideally, when hair color, makeup and wardrobe match the color type. So you look organic.

3. Hair quality

An important factor in assessing the beauty of hair is its quality, beauty, shine and vitality. Many people know how difficult lightening techniques are and how long they take.

Yes, your favorite artist spent time creating a pattern on the hair. But that’s not all. You will need to maintain the beauty and color of the strands – this is a laborious process, so get ready for masks, thermal protection, fluids.

Separately, I would like to say that frequent bleaching can harm the quality of hair. And here it will really be necessary to turn to specialists who can restore curls. And it’s not easy.

Before choosing a lightening technique, evaluate how it reflects your personality. Does the hair color match your style? Study in detail the scenarios for the care and maintenance of your new hair color. Can this ritual become part of your rhythm of life?

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Ilya Savin
Ilya Savin
Hair stylist

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