3 charming changes for which we love adulthood


Each new wrinkle makes us shudder, and gray hairs are convulsively pulled out and painted over at the first opportunity. It’s like we’re covering up the tracks of a crime. But what about the story about “aging beautifully”? In addition, many imaginary flaws actually only add charm. See for yourself.

beautiful gray hair

how to wear gray hair beautifully

In our ageist culture, the appearance of the first whitish hairs is perceived as a disaster. But for many women, gray hair just suits them! And do not think that this is self-hypnosis – look at May Musk (yes, this is the mother of that very Elon). At 59, she stopped dyeing her hair and is sure that it was gray hair that turned her into a supermodel. Wait a minute, May is 74 years old!

To grow your gray hair comfortably and not look sloppy, go to the hairdresser. He will advise tinting products for home use, carry out caring procedures – in a word, he will do everything so that the gray hair looks stunning!

lower voice

changes with age that color a woman

With age, the muscles of the larynx gradually lose their tone, so our voice changes – it becomes quieter, lower. And now think: what’s wrong with that, except our desperate resistance to change?

The female voice is inherently higher pitched (which is why, if we get very excited or scream, the notes of a siren slip through). When it gets quieter and lower, it sounds more confident, soft and calm. It can be truly hypnotic! In the end, remember the wise saying: “Speak loudly so that you can be heard. Speak quietly to be heard.”

Defined cheekbones

age changes that look beautiful

In adulthood, the volume of subcutaneous fat decreases. It’s not the most pleasant change, but it also has bonuses. Even small cheekbones, which have always been hidden under the cheeks, become more defined.

These changes make the face expressive and aristocratic. Of course, along the way, you need to monitor the clarity of the oval and the elasticity of the skin, but competent care and modern cosmetology work wonders. We have already collected all the articles about this for you on one page.

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