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It doesn’t matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. In any case, this is a great occasion to confess your love, including to yourself. You can mentally or out loud, and even better – in the form of a small present that will definitely come in handy this spring and will delight you all year. The editors of BeautyHack.ru offer to bet on cosmetics. The main thing is that the product should not only be suitable in texture and shade, but also be beautiful (after all, this is a gift!).

For example, at Yves Saint Laurent we found a cushion foundation in a red velvet case – it is incredibly pleasant to hold it in your hands, and at MAC there is a makeup palette in which each product is decorated with fantasy patterns. Also look out for lipsticks, mascaras and eye shadows – many brands often sell them in very pretty packaging.

The best gift ideas for yourself – in our selection!

1) Makeup palette with highlighters Step Bright Up Extra Dimension Skinfinish Palette MAC (3890 rubles) we liked the interesting patterns on the textures. Plus, it comes in handy in the spring: as soon as the sun comes out, you will definitely want to shine!

2) Foundation Cushion Peau Collector, Yves Saint Laurent (13,090 rubles) won me over with a red velvet bottle.

3) Mascara Macstack Mascara, MAC (2990 rubles) in an unusual case will definitely cheer you up in the morning.

4) Double Ended Mascara by Make Up Ever (2350 rubles) is different from all the others, the red insert is like a reminder of the holiday.

5) Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick Limited Edition, Bobby Brown (4100 rubles) – in a gold case with a red heart. Impossible to resist!

6) Makeup fixer should also look beautiful. Our favorite is Hale D’Ete Fix Make Up, Clarins (2600 rubles).

7) Moisturizing lipstick Le Phyto Rouge Hydratation Longue Tenue, Sisley (5520 rubles) in a tiger case – for lovers of animal prints.

8) Liquid eyeliner Mad Eyes Intense Liner, Guerlain (3850 rubles) impresses with the design of the bottle.

9) Cream eye shadow Influence Beauty (760 rubles) in a ball-shaped bottle is convenient to carry with you.

10) blush palette top face (670 rubles) collected the most beautiful colors! In the photo – shade Fiesta.

eleven) Moisturizing lipstick Rouge De Beaute Brillant Lipstick, Gucci (4480 rubles) as if in a vintage bottle.

12) Haute Couture Defile Eyeshadow Palette, Vivienne Sabo (1320 rubles) pleases with a variety of shades and, of course, bright packaging.

13) Lipstick with a matte finish Atelier Of Dreams, Dior (4300 rubles) fans of gold will appreciate it.

14) Le Rouge Parfum Satin Finish Cream Lipstick, Kilian (6215 rubles) in a black case with patterns looks very expensive.

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